Compaq Rugged Case

Compaq Rugged Case (253872-B21)

The Rugged Case for the Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC is designed and tested to resist display damage, dust and water contamination, and damage caused by dropping the iPAQ Pocket PC from a height of up to four feet. The rugged case makes it easier for Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC users to take their handheld wherever they go.

For iPAQ H3800, H3700, H3600, H3100 or H3900 series.

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Compaq Rugged Case (253872-B21)

A hard plastic cover on the Rugged Case protects the iPAQ Pocket PC, yet still allows the user to view its screen. When the cover is raised, the replaceable, clear protective screen protector of the case remains revealing the screen beneath and allowing the user to interact with the iPAQ while still maintaining protection. Even while using the iPAQ Pocket PC, the case meets IP54 requirements for protection against dust and water contamination. The Rugged Case also allows the iPAQ Pocket PC user to access the DC jack and universal connector via tethered plugs.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances the durability of the iPAQ Pocket PC in drops from up to four feet on any face or corner
  • Allows a Compaq iPAQ Pocket PC user to access the DC jack, universal connector, headphone jack, infrared port, record button, and Compaq CF or PC Card Expansion Pack slots even when the iPAQ Pocket PC is contained in the case
  • Complies with IP54 standards for resistance to water and dust
  • Features a clear, hard plastic window that helps prevent impact damage to the iPAQ Pocket PC display
  • Includes a screen protector that allows a iPAQ Pocket PC user to access the touchscreen and front buttons while maintaining water and dust resistance
  • Contains a removable belt clip that makes it easier to carry the iPAQ Pocket PC
  • Permits use of a Style Pack, Cover Pack, CF Card Expansion Pack, PC Card Expansion Pack, CF Card Expansion Pack Plus, or PC Card Expansion Pack Plus with the iPAQ Pocket PC

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